Community Friends

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The Missoula International Friendship Program pairs international students with local residents, called Community Friends. The pairing takes place at the beginning of the semester. It is suggested that the Community Friend and his/her student get together once a month, but may do so more often if both parties concur. The MIFP program does not involve home-stays; it is designed to facilitate friendship and cultural exchange between Community Friends and students through their occasional activities. 

Before you apply

Please note that MIFP will ask Community Friends to sign the Acknowledgement of Risk Form once they join MIFP. 

Apply Online

We are uncertain about the current status of the Fall 2022 program, but we are still accepting applications for Community Friends. Apply Online. We will keep applicants updated on the status of the program. 

Community Friends Resources

Community Friends Orientation Manual

Suggested Activities

Questions? Contact MIFP or (406) 243-2288 (Global Engagement Office).